Cruising through France

An exceptional Gourmet-Cruise combined with Culture, History & Adventure

The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use.

Dom Degnon

Our All-Inclusive Deluxe Cruises

What is included?

Your passage onboard includes everything. No matter if you are planning the Grand Week or our Mini Dream Cruise, there are no additional expenses what-so-ever.

  • Your transfer from and to international airports like Paris, Dijon, Lyon, Zurich, Geneva or Strasbourg
  • Full pension, including free wine and drinks, free bar
  • All restaurant visits and consumptions
  • All excursions and events with guided visits
  • All port, boarding and landing taxes, lock tolls
  • Free WiFi and internet terminal aboard
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Excursions & Visits

Aside from Cruising

We arrange daily guided tours to remarquable places around Burgundy and visit typical French restaurants in the evenings. Savor the French Cuisine, explore the lovely countryside and be delighted by its famous wines.

  • Citytour to Dijon, the Capital of the Dukes and Burgundy's capital
  • Wine-Tastings along the 'Route des Grands Crus' ~ the real Golden Cost
  • Visit the most famous Châteaux and Castles
  • Join a full-day Gourmet tour to Beaune, Burgundy's wine capital ~ a must see!
  • ... and many more!
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Different Waterways?

If You have the time and We the possibilities, we can go even further.

Ask us about extensions and alternative routes

Excursions &   Visits

Every day you are invited to join the late-afternoon excursions!

Ride along 'La Route des Grands Crus'
visit the famous vineyards, participate in wine tastings and explore the beautiful historic forts and castles.

These are only some of the highlights a visitor to Burgundy should have seen.
As we are flexible in When to go Where, best have a look at all our tours when you are here ~ and decide together.

Visit Dijon with La Reine Pedauque
Dijon ~ Capital of the Dukes

A guided tour through Dijon with its medieval center, the central market area with street cafes and small shops, is for sure a very pleasant introduction to the French Way of Live...

... although Dijon is one of the "bigger" cities in France, it has lost nothing of its charme.

Dijon Tourist Information
Wine Tasting with La Reine Pedauque
Wine tasting at famous châteaux or wineries

You will have plenty of opportunities for this! Of course we serve best wines on-board, but throughout your excursions to Beaune and 'La Route des Grands Crus' you will be advised by real connaisseurs.

Do not miss a wine tasting in the famous vineyards and cellars of the Côte d'Or!

Château de Meursault ~ Homepage
Visit Chateau Commarin with La Reine Pedauque
Château de Commarin

The Duke, le Comte de Vogüé, is still living there and is opening parts of his estate to the public. Stroll through the public parts of this extraordinary former hunting chateau!

This moated castle lies only within minutes from our route on the canal.

Château de Commarin ~ Homepage


Visit the Ferme Fruirouge with La Reine Pedauque
Ferme Fruirouge

Isabelle & Sylvain created this farm in 1995. They plant black and red current, raspberries, strawberries, peaches and sherry trees.

Learn about the Cassis production steps, try their Sherry and more.

Ferme Fruirouge ~ Homepage


Visit Chateauneuf en Auxois with La Reine Pedauque
Châteauneuf en Auxois

Not as famous today as "Châteauneuf du Pape", but historically this fort played an even greater role.

This romantic medieval village is voted regularly one of the most beautiful spots in France.

Châteauneuf en Auxois ~ Homepage


Visit Beaune with La Reine Pedauque
Beaune ~ Burgundy's Wine Capital

A picturesque town and the wineseller's home, with miles over miles of underground cellars.

Explore the "Hospices de Baune" and "Hotel Dieu", where wine was once a justifiable medicin ~ against everything!

Beaune Tourist Information
Visit Chateau Chailly with La Reine Pedauque
Golf at Château Chailly

Château Chailly sur Armançon is one of the most reknown courses in France, designed by Thierry Sprecher and Géry Watine.

Participate in a Golf practice and enjoy the amazing area!

Château Chailly ~ Homepage
Visit the Fallot mustard mill with La Reine Pedauque
Fallot ~ Mustard Mill & Factory

To value its traditional know-how, 'La Moutarderie Fallot' opened its doors to the public with two museographic tours. A family business since 1840!

Discover a free space totally dedicated to the mustard

La Moutarderie Fallot ~ Homepage
Visit the Jaffelin winery with La Reine Pedauque
Maison Jaffelin

Jaffelin’s history is inseparable from that of the Collégiale Notre Dame de Beaune. Over the centuries, our cellars have housed the wines of the Collégiale and the Cardinals. Today our wines rest in the monastic tranquility of the Chapitre’s cellars..."

Mailson Jaffelin ~ Homepage
Visit Clos Vougeot with La Reine Pedauque
Clos (de) Vougeot

One of the most famous vineyards and also the seat of "La Confrèrie des Chêvaliers de Taste de Vin".

The brotherhood is in fact a real Order, committed to preserve the high quality of French wines.

Clos Vougeot ~ Homepage
Go an Truffles tour with La Reine Pedauque
Exquisite Truffles-Tour

Come with us to search for Bourgogne truffels and have a Gourmet dinner ~ if we found some or not. We visit the forest of 'Maison aux Milles Truffes et Champignons'.

"... discover thousands of mushrooms during your visit ~ learn the differences and enjoy their taste!"

Maison aux Milles Truffes ~ Homepage


Visit the Domaine Roy in Auxey-Duresses with La Reine Pedauque
Domaine Roy in Auxey-Duresses

The whole wine domaine is as old as the Roman conquest north, following the river Rhone. The 'Domaine Roy' was first named in the 16th century.

It is owned by the same family since 1632, today it is managed by Adeline et Alexis Roy.

Domaine Roy ~ Homepage